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For Referring Clinicians

Our goal is to provide the highest quality surgical dermatologic care for your patients from start to finish!  Please use the resources below to help you schedule with us:

What to refer: In general, any surgical condition relating to the skin (malignant or benign)!  We love your patients and will help them if we can do so!  We will screen any incoming referrals and let you know if your patient would be better helped by another discipline.

What to send: Use our online referral page or fax a printed referral to our office (fax# 423-870-1480).  The online system is the best way as it is fast, easy, and transmits quality color photographs well.  Please send:

  1. Visit note from evaluation / biopsy

  2. Pathology reports (if performed)

  3. Marked, prebiopsy photograph

  4. "Face Sheet" with demographic information of patient (contact, etc).

--Good photographs are essential to quality patient care!  Biopsies can heal very well and sometimes are difficult to accurately locate without a photo.  Having the patient take a photograph with their own cell phone can also be a good option if you don't have this capability.  Ideal photographs should have:

  1. A marked site (by placing 4 dots around the lesion or other method)

  2. A far photo with enough distance from patient to show nearby anatomical features (if photographing a forearm, the hand and elbow fold should be visible)

  3. A near photo to find any surrounding markings or features that may help in localizing

  4. Be in focus and taken from standard angles (top-down, facing patient, left side, etc).  Rotating the patient in the chair or table can facilitate this.

Please share these guidelines with your staff as it helps us take the best care of your patients and ensure we treat the site you biopsied!

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